We have made it! We used the only ~40 hours between coming home from Italy and handing over the keys to our new tenants as best we could: packing for the world trip, packing for Fontainebleau (incl. DAV crash pad rental), farewell party, and the necessary clean-up 🙂

Climbing at Fontainebleau…

Now, we have spent 2 weeks in Fontainebleau, France, with nice, warm and sunny weather and great bouldering (Trois Pignons mostly), working on problems we could not master in April when we were last here. A selection of our days in the woods is below incl.

  • Working on projects in Canche aux Merciers with success in 6a “Sortie des artistes”
  • Meeting up with Stefan, Jasmin, Kira and Julian who proved to be great co-boulderers
  • Most interesting TD- parcours of 34 problems in Rocher Saint Germain followed by another fun parcours of 23 problems in Diplodocus (Trois Pignons)
  • Our hardest boulder: “Le Miroir” 6b boulder at 91.1 (Trois Pignons)
  • Newly discovered Bois Rond (also Trois Pignons) with project “La Quille” (6b+)



… and else

But this time, rest days were …. different: Final additions to the world trip luggage (our 1. time ever shopping spree at Decathlon), tent testing in our hosts’ garden, trip planning and device charging orgies in the living room 🙂 (also see FindPenguins posts here or here).

At this point, we would like to highly recommend our little cottage that we rented via Airbnb (Studio in Perthes)- Virginie and Cyrille were great hosts who were incredibly friendly, helped us with planning our rest days, and also organized the local fresh apple juice 🙂 – we are coming again!

But we also took the time to visit some sights in the vicinity like Fontainebleau city, the chateau, and Orléans.

Iceland is next on our list and we are looking forward to the combination of raw skin on fingers and hot springs… :-))))