So here finally is it, the moment to start our travel blog. Writing the first blog post is an exciting but nevertheless daunting task. I am sure that thousands have tried and failed – but so what (luckily we have already put down our ambitions and do not want to monetize the blog – yet 🙂

We are nearing the end of July and the world trip that will start in October is taking ever more shape. There is still much to tell about who we are, how we got the idea in the first place and so on and so forth, but we keep that for one of those rainy days in Patagonia 😉

In this post we want to share with you the rough travel plan of where we want to go. We would welcome you to join us along the route or give us ideas on what particular sights or events we shouldn’t miss.

So here comes the preview of where we would like to go during the coming 7 months:


  • Fontainebleau – yeah, we know, not so worldly, but just a great place to go bouldering – and using rest days for further planning 🙂
  • Iceland

South America

  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Chile

South-East Asia

  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar


  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Azerbaijan
  • Iran